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Welcome to Ohio’s Re-Employment Orientation online. You are moments away from a re-employment experience that will get you on track for your next employment opportunity.

What You’ll Need

If you received a letter or notification requiring you to complete this program please have the following information ready:
  1. Your claim confirmation # (located on your mailer)
  2. Your county name
  3. Paper and pen for note taking

What You’ll Gain

Ohio is committed to delivering integrated solutions to your temporary challenges through an assortment of benefits, services, and resources. This orientation introduces these possible solutions, which include:
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Educational and Vocational opportunities
  • Career Exploration
  • County Partner Programs

Select your language:

Spanish translations are supported via closed captioning. If you're having trouble or need language help please call 1-866-288-0989.